CBD Consumption: Dosage and Dos and Don’ts

Written by OLIG CBD

We strive to provide our customers with the right information about this novelty - CBD. We believe that this will be at every household as a natural medicine within a decade, this truly amazing oil will help millions.

CBD infused products continue to dominate the health and wellness industry even in 2020. And for good reasons! The healing and therapeutic benefits that these products offer are second to none so, naturally, CBD consumption is becoming more popular among people.

CBD products are being used for a number of medical reasons. Some say that it is their escape from stress and anxiety while others think that it helps them sleep better and for longer. You may be seeking relief from chronic pain, inflammation, or migraines or support for eating disorders or other serious health conditions with CBD.

The burning question is How much CBD should you take for the best results?

CBD Dosage

As much as you’d want to hear and as much as we’d love to tell you, there is no ‘correct’ or ‘universally prescribed’ CBD dosage. A number of factors come into play when it comes to determining the effect of CBD on your body.

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Let’s discuss them in detail!


i)    Genetics

As cliché as it may sound, your genetics impact the amount of CBD you should intake. Some people have mutations in the CNR1 gene, which codes the receptor that interacts with cannabinoids. In case you have issues with the CNR1 gene, chances are that you have an endocannabinoid system with compromised functions.

Hence, you should consider the genetic factor when using CBD products. If you have genetic reasons for suffering from chronic body stress, you might need a higher dosage to experience the same effect that users usually do.


ii)    Your Weight

Our bodies have different weights and yours will determine how CBD affects you. Generally, people who weigh more require greater amounts of CBD. A simple rule of thumb is to take 1-6 mg of CBD for every 10 lbs of body mass while of course, keeping other factors in mind.


iii)    Your Health Condition

Which health condition do you want to improve with CBD?

With several different targets throughout the body, CBD brings a number of therapeutic benefits for you. The key to making the most of this therapeutic agent is to focus on one or probably two of its properties.

Typically, the type and severity of the condition you intend to treat affect the amount of CBD your body requires. That being said, we’d recommend you consult with a doctor before taking CBD to make sure you don’t have any underlying medical condition.


iv)    CBD Concentration

Different CBD products contain different concentrations of the compound. Oftentimes, CBD capsules offer 5 mg of CBD per capsule while in some other form, you may get 10 mg per serving. Based on this, the correct CBD dosage for you may vary.


v)     Intake Method

From oils and capsules to edibles and topical creams, there are so many forms of CBD available in the market. Each form interacts differently with your cannabinoid system. Generally, people prefer using CBD oils, as many of the receptors are found under the tongue. Nevertheless, different CBD intake methods may have different effects on your body and hence, you’ll have to choose the dosage level accordingly.

Finding YOUR Perfect Dose

When it comes to the optimal CBD dosage, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s all about experimenting and finding what works best for you. You should start with a minimal dosage and slowly work your way up until you achieve the desired results. In case your doctor tells you how much to use, it’s better to stick to that amount.

Below is a very general, dosage table that you can use to start your CBD journey

Dos and Don’ts of Using CBD


Do Pick a CBD Product with Less than 0.3% THC

Before using CBD, make sure that it comes from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is believed to contain less than 0.3 THC, which is why it doesn’t make you ‘high’. The hemp-derived CBD will have only traces of THC, allowing you to enjoy the health benefits without a buzz.


Don’t Go Overboard the First Time

The non-toxicity of CBD doesn’t support going overboard the first time. Start with minimal dosage to see how your body reacts to it. People who decide to gulp down half the bottle in the first go end up feeling very sleepy.


Experiment with the CBD Dosage Levels

While you don’t have to worry about overdosing, you must always be gradual in increasing your dosage. Only move to the next dosage level if you feel that the current amount isn’t producing desirable results.


Don’t Expect to ‘Feel’ Anything

While many medications produce a noticeable effect after consumption, CBD works differently. People who wait for CBD to ‘kick in’ and ‘feel’ something don’t understand that it isn’t psychoactive. It is NOT going to make you high. All you may feel after CBD consumption is a sense of relief after a few minutes.


Be Consistent

When using CBD for therapeutic results, consistency is the key. Typically, people begin feeling the results only after a certain amount of the compound has accumulated in the body. Therefore, be consistent with the dosage for at least a couple of weeks before deciding that it’s not working for you.


Don’t Consume it during the Day

Since CBD makes you feel so relaxed that you might start feeling sleepy, you should consider consuming it during the night. Consuming it during the day won’t be a good idea, especially if it’s your first time and if you have a long to-do list on your hand.


Do Consult with Your Doctor

You should always consult with your doctor before taking any medication or substance – and CBD is no exception to this rule either. Tell your doctor about your symptoms and health condition and seek their advice on CBD use. They’ll guide you on how to take it and how much will be enough for you. They’ll also know if you have any underlying medical condition that may interfere with CBD consumption.


The Bottom Line

Whether you’re starting out with a CBD product or want to optimize your CBD consumption routine, you need to consider the aforementioned factors and follow the guidelines to ensure that your treatment plan complements your health and wellness goals. That being said, you should always make sure that you get your CBD products from a trusted and reliable source. At Olig CBD, we offer a wide range of organic CBD products that have been tested to ensure maximum safety, efficiency, and consistency.

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